Performing The Andy Griffith Show


Hello March 2019, here we are with another performance episode for you. This time around we whistle and walk to the lake in The Andy Griffith Show!

Our story this time went into Fan Fiction territory because we brought in Ben Matlock! During the time of the Andy Griffith Show, Ben Matlock would have been a young lawyer in the state of Georgia. In our episode, we see Matlock pass through the small town of Mayberry and get himself into some trouble. 

Our cast:

Will Loden as Andy Taylor

Charley McMullen as Barney Fife

Angela Garrone as Aunt Bee

Ian Ferguson as Opie Taylor

Tommy Oler as Ben Matlock

Jackson Maness as the Narrator (although all his lines were cut out)

And the cast also provides various voices throughout the episode. 

Also, I want to thank @lafemmeroar on Twitter for suggesting we take on The Andy Griffith show!

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