Jul 29, 2019

Writing Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I don't know anything about this new Sabrina on Netflix, but I know a thing or two about the old Sabrina the Teenage Witch show that was the WB. And I know it because I watched a ton of it just for this episode.

This time the team and I came up with an absolutely normal episode. Nothing sexual or wild happens really. You heard it already, and you know. 

Here to help write this very normal episode is Catherine Sundt and Jared Sturghill. Listen as we struggle to plot this story out. Enjoy!

Jul 22, 2019

Performing Sabrina The Teenage Witch

From the Mid-90s to the early 00s Sabrina the Teenage was the show many of us saw while flipping through the channels. There's even quite a few people who stopped and watched year after year. I wasn't one of them, but many of the cast on this episode did! This month the Melissa Joan Hart classic gets a fake episode from us here at LWAE. Here's your cast:

Natalie Higdon is Sabrina

Doug Gillon is Salem

Tommy Oler is Harvey

Reagan Crockett is Libby

Bridgette Wallace is Valarie

Jared Sturghill is Boron Thorax

This episode was written by Tommy Oler with a story by Catherine Sundt, Jared Sturghill, and Tommy Oler. 


Jun 24, 2019

Writing MTVs Awkward

Hello! The last podcast was our performance episode of Awkward. I hope you enjoyed it. Today you get to listen to how we came up with the episode. Joining me at the writer's table is Judaea Driscoll and Erik Allgood. Thank you for listening and enjoy this episode. Next month we write and perform an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Jun 17, 2019

Performing MTV’s Awkward

MTV's Awkward was on during the first bit of this decade. It ended in 2016, so not that long ago. Its about Jenna Hamilton and her struggles with high school and teenage life. It's MTV Wonder Years. It's a nice show that's surprisingly funny and un-funny at the same time. In our episode we harken back to the first episode with our opening scene and we explore the relationship between Jenna and her nemesis Sadie Saxton.

The cast:

Judaea Driscoll as Jenna

Bridgette Wallace as Sadie

Natalie Higdon as Tamara

Tommy Oler as Matty

The story of this episode is by Judaea Driscoll, Erik Allgood and Tommy Oler. The script was written by Tommy Oler. Come back next week to hear Judaea, Erik, and me come up with this story.

May 27, 2019

Writing Full House

Full House was an ABC sitcom that aired in the '80s and '90s. This show features some of the most 90's clothes ever put on TV. It has a sequel series on Netflix called Fuller House. We aren't writing Fuller House though. We are creating our very own fake episode of Full House. 

Joining the writing table are Jackson Maness, Angela Garrone, and Tommy Oler. 

Be sure to come back every third and fourth Monday of the month for new episodes. Next month we perform and write an episode of Awkward. See you then!

May 20, 2019

Performing Full House

Full House was a popular show on ABC throughout the 80's and 90's. There's no getting around the stamp it left on American culture while it was on. So, this month LWaE is performing our very own fake episode of Full House!


Charley McMullen as Uncle Joey

Doug Gillon as Danny Tanner

Angela Garrone as Kimmy Gibbler

Bridgette Wallace as DJ Tanner

Hayden McOlgen as DJ's boyfriend Steve Hale

Jackson Maness as the Narrator (his lines were cut)

Tommy Oler as Uncle Jessie

Apr 29, 2019

Writing The Wonder Years

Hello lovely listeners! Thanks for coming back to listen to the latest episode. 

In this podcast, comedians Jared Sturghill and Sara Kaye Larson join Tommy Oler to write an episode of The Wonder Years. We answer all the questions from last weeks performance episode and probably create a few more in the process!

I hope you enjoy it. Leave a review and follow the podcast guests. Come back next every 3rd Monday of the month for a new episode! See you May 20th for our Full House performance episode!


Jared Sturghill

Sara Kaye Larson

Tommy Oler 

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Apr 22, 2019

Performing The Wonder Years

We back again this month with an all new fake episode of The Wonder Years! I loved this show growing up so it was awesome getting to come up with an episode for this podcast. 

The cast:

Will Loden as Narrator Kevin

Jared Sturghill as Paul

Tommy Oler as Kevin Arnold

Doug Gillon as Kevin's Dad, Jack

Bridgette Wallace as April

Hayden McOlgen as Wayne, Kevin's older brother

Come back next week and hear the writing episode of this podcast!

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Mar 25, 2019

Writing The Andy Griffith Show

Welcome back friends! Before our performances we record these writing episodes for you. Last week's performance took us to Mayberry and The Andy Griffith show. Now it's time to hear how the team came up with the plot of that episode. 

Joining me are two very funny people, Charley McMullen and Will Loden

Will Loden is the star of Virtual Dad, an extremely well made and hilarious advice series, and you can see Charley McMullen on the new LOL Network series You Look Like

Thanks for listening to Let's Write an Episode and come back next month because we will be performing and writing an episode of the Wonder Years!!

Mar 18, 2019

Performing The Andy Griffith Show

Hello March 2019, here we are with another performance episode for you. This time around we whistle and walk to the lake in The Andy Griffith Show!

Our story this time went into Fan Fiction territory because we brought in Ben Matlock! During the time of the Andy Griffith Show, Ben Matlock would have been a young lawyer in the state of Georgia. In our episode, we see Matlock pass through the small town of Mayberry and get himself into some trouble. 

Our cast:

Will Loden as Andy Taylor

Charley McMullen as Barney Fife

Angela Garrone as Aunt Bee

Ian Ferguson as Opie Taylor

Tommy Oler as Ben Matlock

Jackson Maness as the Narrator (although all his lines were cut out)

And the cast also provides various voices throughout the episode. 

Also, I want to thank @lafemmeroar on Twitter for suggesting we take on The Andy Griffith show!

Be sure to follow the cast members on social media. Share the show if you enjoy it. Come back next week and hear us come up with this episode!

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