Performing MTV’s Awkward


MTV's Awkward was on during the first bit of this decade. It ended in 2016, so not that long ago. Its about Jenna Hamilton and her struggles with high school and teenage life. It's MTV Wonder Years. It's a nice show that's surprisingly funny and un-funny at the same time. In our episode we harken back to the first episode with our opening scene and we explore the relationship between Jenna and her nemesis Sadie Saxton.

The cast:

Judaea Driscoll as Jenna

Bridgette Wallace as Sadie

Natalie Higdon as Tamara

Tommy Oler as Matty

The story of this episode is by Judaea Driscoll, Erik Allgood and Tommy Oler. The script was written by Tommy Oler. Come back next week to hear Judaea, Erik, and me come up with this story.