Performing The Big Bad Beetleborgs


Valentine's Day came and went. You survived. Alive to hear this brand new fake episode of The Big Bad Beetleborgs!

Beetleborgs was a kid's action show on FOX in the mid-'90s. It was like Power Rangers but worse. Not a great show at all, but hey, if you got asked to work on this show I don't think very many of us would turn down the offer. That being said, my team and I went ahead and wrote and performed one for no money at all. Know your worth, people. 

That being said, in this episode we create an all-new villain for the Beetleborgs to battle, WILDCAT! He's from the very first issue of the Beetleborg comic book. An issue that was discontinued because it was too gritty, too violent. Now that issue is in Charterville, and VEXOR (the main baddie) wants to get his hands on it. Can the Beetleborgs and Flabber work together and stop Vexor's plan and keep Wildcat at bay? Listen and find out! 

The wonderful cast:

Hayden McOlgan as Drew (Blue Beetleborg)

John Miller as Roland (Black Beetleborg)

Natalie Higdon as Jo (Red Beetleborg)

Charley McMullen as Flabber

Doug Gillon as WILDCAT

Tootie Two Times as Nano

The Cast and Bridgette Wallace as Various Other Voices

and me, Tommy Oler as the Narrator

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Also, we've got some fun music in this episode as well. If you'd like to know more about the artists, please check them out too!

Solar Flair


Ergo Phizmiz

Allergie Gegen Die Langweilige 

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